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Women Board Directors in Maryland



Executive Alliance has been measuring the representation of women in the boardroom of public companies headquartered in Maryland for over ten years.  During this ten-year period, there have been many major world events and milestones that have occurred and are influencing and shaping how our world and country view inclusion.


In the last ten years we have seen the world map change as new countries were formed after declaring independence.  At times, independence came at a cost, as a result of bloody civil wars and coupes.  There were numerous changes to ruling parties through peaceful and non-peaceful means.  The world reacted to the carnage and The International Criminal Court was created as a permanent tribunal to prosecute individuals for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression.  Terrorism and extremism remained a constant threat.  During this period, mass protests erupted throughout the world in countries that were disputing elections, launching of weapons intended to be harmful to neighboring countries or protesting inequities.  Women around the world marched in protest to advocate for women’s rights and human rights, immigration reform, racial equality, religious freedoms and healthcare reform.  The United States saw the election and re-election of its first African American President.  In Hollywood, women created a firestorm with one major female celebrity after another stepping forward and identifying male producers, directors and actors who abused them sexually and/or verbally. 


The world has definitely changed over the last ten years as social media has allowed, with relative ease, the ability to spread news quickly and assemble large masses of people with little advanced notice.  Whether we like the message or not, voices are being heard and change is occurring at a faster pace due to technology and a generation of millennials that is more diverse.


Yet the pace of change for parity for women in the boardroom, executive suite, and paycheck does not seem to be occurring at the same accelerated rate as other changes in the world are occurring.

We encourage you to read the results of Executive Alliance’s 2018 Census of Women Board Directors in Maryland.

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