Our Mission

To accelerate the success and leadership of accomplished women by expanding their impact and influence through advocacy, education and mentorship. 

  • Executive Alliance Advocates:  through its census studies, Women of Excellence luncheon, alliances with search firms, partnerships with private and public entities, collaboration with executives involved in the board selection process, and its affiliation with ION.

  • Executive Alliance Educates:   though programs, workshops and events supporting leadership development and addressing the opportunities, challenges and issues women face in the board selection process.

  • Executive Alliance Mentors:  through its Impact Mentoring program for emerging leaders and networking opportunities for its members.    

Our Vision 

To be the regional catalyst and authority on issues effecting women in leadership.


Our Positioning Statement

Executive Alliance is the organization of choice in the Greater Baltimore region for connecting accomplished women on a professional and personal level to expand their impact and influence in the board room, the community, and in the leadership of businesses, civic organizations, and government.


Our Guiding Principles 

The mission and activities of the organization are rooted in the following guiding principles:

  1. To connect more women with board opportunities.

  2. To collaborate with private and public entities to raise awareness and advance women in leadership roles.

  3. To provide educational member programming to impart knowledge, leverage best practices, and share resources.

  4. To cultivate new connections and expand members’ personal networks.

  5. To be professional in our actions and to manage with integrity

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